Shifter World

Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan book coverBeautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan book coverFavorite Obsession by Nancy Corrigan book coverChance on Love by Nancy Corrigan book coverRejected Mate by Nancy Corrigan book coverShared Mate by Nancy Corrigan book coverLast Chance by Nancy Corrigan book coverForbidden Mate by Nancy Corrigan book coverRescued by Nancy Corrigan book coverClaimed by Nancy Corrigan book coverTangled by Nancy Corrigan book coverPossessed by Nancy Corrigan book cover
NOTE: All titles can be read as standalone books with a complete main story arc and a satisfying happily ever after for the main characters. However, most readers prefer the suggested reading order above.

The Shifter World is a renowned, critically acclaimed and ever-expanding collection of paranormal suspense romance book series. Currently included are the Royal-Kagan and Shifter Affairs books, but no matter which title you read you'll find:



  • Guaranteed happily ever after

  • The bedroom door is always left open

  • Loving, loyal, and confident men

  • Strong, dedicated, and smart women

  • Unbreakable family ties between brothers, sisters, pride, clan and pack mates

  • Danger, action, adventure, and spine-tingling suspense

  • Page-turning thrilling story that will leave you reading late into the night

  • Fairy tale romance to swoon over

  • Otherworld creatures from Norse and Gaelic Mythology

  • Chronicles of everlasting love to get lost in

  • Paranormal romance series to put on your one-click wish list

  • Mystery and supernatural thriller storyline

IMPORTANT: If you prefer closed-door romance, please check out the fade-to-black versions of the Shifter World books written under the pen name of Dana Archer.