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"Do yourself a favor - read the many books in the Shifter World starting with Treasured Find. You'll love these interlinking stories in this amazing world."

The Shifter World is a renowned, critically acclaimed and ever-expanding collection of paranormal suspense werewolves & shifters romance book series. Currently included are the collections of Royal-Kagan and Shifter Affairs books.

Quick and dirty book details for readers...

This Mainstream Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance book contains vivid descriptions and scenes which are equivalent to what you’d see on streaming/cable channels.

In addition to mysterious and charismatic heroes, you'll meet smart and strong heroines. You’re also going to read colorful language and be exposed to fighting shifters and heart-stopping danger because the Shifter World is ours too. There are dark villains and wicked vigilantes, along with honorable cops and brave special agents, but no matter how many twists and turns in the story, love always wins.

If this sounds like your type of book clear your calendar because you won't be able to put this book down until you've reached the final page... Then you'll be looking for the next official Shifter World story!

If "sentence enhancers" and "detailed scenes" are not your thing, don't despair!

Due to fan demand and a commitment of providing the best reading experience possible, Nancy releases closed-door Shifter World books under the pen name of Dana Archer which can be enjoyed by adult romance series readers of all ages and anyone who wants an addicting paranormal plot.

No matter which version you choose:

Start reading TODAY for happily ever after love stories that pull you into the thrilling and emotionally satisfying saga of the ever-expanding Shifter World.

Nancy's Note:

Welcome to the Shifter World® where primal and primitive mating instincts spark an all-consuming passion and heroes will stop at nothing to claim the ones who make them whole...

All books in the ever-expanding Shifter World can be read as standalone stories or as series binge reads, and in every book you'll find*:

  • Guaranteed forever fated mate fairytales with ZERO cheating and no end of book cliffhangers

  • Strong family bonds between brothers, sisters, pride, clan and pack mates

  • Excitement, action, adventure, and spine-tingling suspense

  • Page-turning paranormal romantic thriller story that will leave you reading late into the night

  • Modern-day fairy-tale romance with a supernatural twist

  • Otherworld creatures from Norse and Gaelic Mythology

  • Urban fantasy and small-town billionaire immortal shifters looking for their soulmates

*The closed-door book versions of Nancy Corrigan's Shifter World written under the pen name Dana Archer promises to deliver the same great unique storyline so please choose the version that's right for you.