Betrayed by Nancy Corrigan book cover

Betrayed - Special Edition (Wild Hunt, book 1)

It’s hard to kill your target...

when she owns your soul.

Harley always knew she was a little different…but when the demonic creatures terrorizing the city start calling her one of them, there’s no ignoring the truth. The corrupted Faerie Court waiting to crown her Queen belongs to her. But so does an alluring demon hunter who promises to love and to protect her. She only has to stay alive long enough for Calan to claim her.

But living as a monster in a human’s world is hard. Especially when being bad is oh so tempting

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This book includes the expanded prologue, Sacrificed.

Praise for Betrayed...

  • "This is a very intense story. I could not put it down."

  • "A love both enduring and steamy"

  • "Loved this book!"

  • "Well written and the plot keeps you on your toes. I would highly (recommend) this book to anyone a fan of paranormal romance."

  • "You will be hooked by this well written series! I couldn't put it down."

  • "This story was enjoyable. It had so many twists and turns, it was engaging and complicated. I enjoyed it very much and would absolutely recommend it!"

  • "This is a version of the Wild Hunt that has me throughly intrigued and hoping and expecting more..."

  • "This was a great story read it. I have to say that with each book I read of Nancy Corrigan I am truly amazed of her creativity."

  • "This novel is intensely poetic and wildly imaginative. Corrigan draws you into this vivid world of humans and fae and takes you on a wild ride. Her eloquently crafted descriptions bring this story to life in a larger than life, yet easy to picture manner. The storyline is unforgettable and one of a kind. Darkness and light battle in this well-crafted novel. Love, sacrifice and redemption will tug at your heart, keeping you coming back for more. It is a must read for lovers of all things fae."

  • "5 outstanding stars for (Betrayed)! Top Recommendation!"

  • "Descriptive writing that pulls you deep into the story and makes you feel like you're surrounded by this amazing world, coupled with characters who you can't help but feel tied to and truly care about, combined with a storyline that contains plenty of twists and turns makes for a highly engaging read that I did NOT want to put down for even a moment."

  • "Fast paced action between good and evil"

  • "I was hooked from the beginning of this book and could not put it down until I was finished. I fell into a reading slump and this book/ series has brought me out of it."

  • "A fast paced and intriguing tale of bloodlust, seduction and sacrifice. The complex cast of characters, passionate emotionalism, and pure sensuality kept me turning pages late into the night!"

  • "If you like a different look on demons and other things, this is the book for you."

  • "Corrigan has hooked me on the Wild Hunt series."

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