Nancy Corrigan

Royal Pride   

As multi-feline shifters, Royals—the privileged descendants of the gods—live with the wants and demands of the animal spirits sharing their bodies. Everything is more intense for a Royal—their primal drives, possessiveness and lusts. Exotically beautiful and strong, these immortals never lack companionship but once their mating instincts are triggered, nothing sways their devotion or dims their desire.

Their dominant nature demands they claim their female's body and soul, ensuring their chosen one knows exactly to whom they belong. Once marked as a Royal's beloved, their women realize how wickedly satisfying life can be with a mate focused on meeting their every need. 

Book Series

no desire goes unmet.

When fantasy

becomes reality, 

Sizzling fantasies...with bite

Erotic Romance Author

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Elemental Desire

Coming late 2014

Sander's Valley (tentative title)

Details soon

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